We contribute to the development of new products that are now part of our daily life.

Conceptual design

Creation of new aesthetic and/or technical concepts.

Creative phase in which we consider the proposals that will mark the innovative character of the new product.

First approach in terms of materials, finishes, ergonomics, etc.

Development and engineering

Definition of materials and/or manufacturing processes.

Detailed 3D/2D CAD development.

Definition of construction details.

Charts applied to the product.


Management and/or completion of prototypes and scale models.

Coordination, adjustments and complete assembly of prototypes.

Engineering adapted to each of the technologies to obtain an aesthetic, functional prototype… according to the needs of each project.

Industrialization and follow-up

Collecting proposals for improvement developed from the prototypes.

Collaboration with different suppliers to adapt and optimize the industrialization phase to the project’s costs and deadlines.

Completion of the final 3D/2D CAD documentation.

Follow-up and support in constructing the tools required for mass production of the products.